The Bird section is quite extensive and is split into two sections. 1. Avery Birds: Budgie, Cockerteil, Canary, Finch, Parrots are catered for in either small bags or 20kg commercial bags. We also stock bird vitamin blocks and stick treats. 2. Wild Birds: We have a superb section for wild bird seed. We cater for all bird feeders with a range of bags from 2kg to 25kg. We stock a range of Peanuts, Wild Bird Seeds, Sunflower Hearts and Niger seeds. We also have a selection of Treats i.e. Redworms, Suet Pellets, Fat Balls, Suet Slabs and an extensive range of Feeders and Nest Boxes. You can collect all of these products or for a very small charge we can deliver.

We supply top quality products for all your birds needs this consists of - Feed, Feeders, Treats