GJL Animal Feeds has a range of Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla, Ferret, and Tortoise food. These come in small bags or the larger bags for commercial users. We also stock frozen chicks There is a selection of treats, toys and tunnels available hygiene we have small bags of Hay, Straw, Shavings as well as Water Bottles and China bowls. You can also purchase drops to stop the investation of fleas and small parasites. Hutches and Pens for inside and outside use can also be purchased from us at very competitive prices. We supply well known brands of fish food for warm and cold water fish, either in a pellet, stick or flake size. There is a range of bag size to suit everybody from the commercial user to the small fish tank. You can collect all of these products or for a very small charge we can deliver.

We supply top quality products for all your small pets needs this consists of - Feed, Treats, Bedding, Hutches, Medicines, Toys